“Join the Indian Armed Forces and Serve the NATION” Campaign launched by BEFOJJI ORGANISATION TRUST.

BEFOJJI ORGANISATION TRUST new Recruitment Campaign, titled “Join the Indian Armed Forces and Serve the NATION” launched. Inspired by Indian Army. This campaign presents the Indian Army as a full-fledged working organization that offers exciting careers in various fields to young Indians who otherwise aspire to other careers. According to the Lt Gen RN Nair, … Read more

Everyday is a Story : SIACHEN-INDIAN ARMY BASE

World’s Highest And Most Extreme Warzone. Type Mountain glacier Location Karakoram Range Controlled by India, disputed by Pakistan Coordinates 35.4°N 77.1°ECoordinates: 35.4°N 77.1°E Length 76 km (47 mi) using the longest route as is done when determining river lengths or 70 km (43 mi) if measuring from  Life of a soldier at Siachen Glacier word’s … Read more

कारगिल युद्ध के नायक मनोज कुमार पांडे परमवीर चक्र

कैप्टन मनोज कुमार पांडे, PVC (25 जून 1975 – 3 जुलाई 1999), 1/11 गोरखा राइफल्स के एक भारतीय सेना अधिकारी थे, जिन्हें मरणोपरांत भारत के सर्वोच्च सैन्य सम्मान परमवीर चक्र से उनके दुस्साहसिक साहस और प्रतिकूल समय के दौरान नेतृत्व के लिए सम्मानित किया गया था। कारगिल के बटालिक सेक्टर में जुबर टॉप, खालूबर हिल्स … Read more


On 15 Sep 1995, Capt Arun’s unit had gotten believable data from insight sources about nearness of 20 psychological militants in a collapse Lolab valley. A choice was taken by the security powers to dispatch a pursuit and obliterate activity to catch the psychological militants under the authority of Capt Arun. Capt Arun alongside his … Read more

VSAT Establishment in Indian Armed Forces

VSAT – Very small aperture terminal VSAT is a technology provide for Internet connectivity in extremely remote areas and distant field locations. In next 3-4 month, 1 lakh villages have 5 lakh FTTH (fibre to the home) connection with download speed of 2-10 mbps. This will be very helpful to be productive use of Bharatnet, … Read more

How is the lifestyle of an Indian Army officer?

Life in the armed forces isn’t like any other. When you’re protecting your country’s borders 16,000 feet above sea level at a temperature of -50 degrees at the Siachen Glacier, it can’t be just another job, right? Neither is battling an average temperature of 50 degrees in the blistering heat of Rajasthan. You’re not working … Read more