24.Meet North Staffordshire Regiment of Indian Army

23.Invited by Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh Group (Independence Day)

22.Independence Day (Flag Ceremony) – BeFojji Circle

21.20ty Year of Kargil Vijay Diwas (Remember Martyrdom)

20.1st Anniversary celebrate with First Line of Control (BSF)

19.1st Anniversary celebration – BeFojji

18.Environment Day

17.Rescue Operation (Taxshila Fire Accident)

16.Candle March (Gadhchiroli Atteck, Maharastra)

15. Different Way to Help for Martyrs (5Rs Sarbat)

14.Drawing Competition – 23rd March 2019 Shaheed Diwas

13.Different Way to Help for Martyrs

12.Plantage in the memory of Martyrs

40 Small Tree And 40 Big Tree, 1 Tree = 1 Martyr

11.Sradhanjali Rally – Amroli 16th Feb 2019

10.Sradhanjali – Shaheed kargil Chowk 15th Feb 2019

9.70th Republic Day – 26th January 2019

8.Indian Army Day 15th January 2019

7.Clothes Distribution to Needy Person

6. “47th Vijay Diwas Celebration”, 1971 War Heroes

5.Cleaning of Army Tank of 1971 WAR

4.Diwali Celebration With White Heroes Of Surat

3.Diwali Celebration With Hard Workers

2.Blood Donation Camp – 16th Spt 2018

1.15th August – Independence day 2018

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