How is the lifestyle of an Indian Army officer?

Life in the armed forces isn’t like any other. When you’re protecting your country’s borders 16,000 feet above sea level at a temperature of -50 degrees at the Siachen Glacier, it can’t be just another job, right? Neither is battling an average temperature of 50 degrees in the blistering heat of Rajasthan. You’re not working for yourself. You’re doing it for your country and for its citizens. You’re ensuring that they go about their lives normally even though your life is anything but that. It’s not easy to be so selfless and that’s exactly what makes these ordinary men extraordinary.

Every single person coming out of army training is impeccable with manners and style. They know the right way to walk, talk, dress and dine.The struggle for an army personnel doesn’t end at the training level. Actually, the real struggle begins from there. For instance, at the Jammu & Kashmir border, the life of an army person involves being on duty 24×7. Our soldiers aren’t just fighting the enemies. They’re also fighting natural disasters. At such high altitudes, frost bites, chilblains, loss of memory and pulmonary edemas are common problems. Thanks to the topography, there are vast and thick jungles along with heavy rainfall every year. All this makes it easy to have gaps and also provides an easy pass to Myanmar. The Army also battles with poisonous insects, leaches and reptiles on a regular basis.

Life in the armed forces isn’t easy. It’s a new challenge everyday. And the challenge isn’t just from the enemy but from nature too. You’re far away from your loved ones, fighting for life every single day. But it’s the spirit of these men and their undying love for India, that keeps them going. It’s this indomitable spirit that’s worth a thousand salutes.

“Serving in the Army is not a job. It cannot be a job. Army officers are well qualified to get any top ranking job in the world. But working in the Army is about love. It’s a passion. You do it for the pride and honour of your country.” (-Major S.K. Yadav, Indian Army)

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