Mission Tiranga Raksha – The Indian Flag should not fall Down – TIRANGA RAKSHA PETI – First Time in India.                                                    

Jai Hind, ” तिरंगा लहराए शान से, पर आंच ना आए उसके सम्मान में “

Indian National Flag which is also called Tiranga ( Tricolour ) represents the hopes and aspirations of people of India. It is the symbol of our national pride. Over the last five decades several people including members of armed forces laid down their lives to keep tricolour flying in its full glory. Whenever we see and think about the Tiranga we feel affection, respect, and loyalty for the National flag. So every year on Independence day and republic day we use Tricolour with pride. Every year more than 30 crores Tiranga is being sold.

But the question is what happened to those Tiranga every year. We found that flags are thrown here and there on roads and in garbage which brings insult to not only on Tiranga but also on our pride and sacrifices of several people. This happens due to lack of awareness of rules and law to hoist and to store and to dispose the flag. Although government has issued the document Flag code of India 2002. But people are not aware of this.

To solve this issue Befojji Organisation Trust came forward who has been already working in many domain such as Environment conservation Awareness, Social Awareness, Armed Forces Pre-Recruitment Training, and cybercrime awareness. They launched a new initiative which is also first time in India called Tiranga Raksha Initiative in which they will collect the flag from everywhere in Surat Gujrat and will give the retirement to flag without lossing its dignity and pride. They kept the boxes i.e. Tiranga Raksha Peti (Indian Flag Collection Box) in different different places of surat. The main aim of this box is that any people who have the Tiranga or found the Tiranga which should be retire they only need to put the flag in the box and after that it is responsibility of Befojji Team to pay the  tribute and dispose or retire the flag.

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Currently, Befojji Team is operating 14 Tiranga Raksha Peti in Surat which are at:

  1. Kargil Chowk, Dumas Road, Surat
  2. Befojji Circle, Amroli, Surat
  3. Parsuram Garden, Adajan, Surat
  4. VR Mall, Indian Flag, Dumas Road, Surat
  5. Statue of Dumas, Dumas Beach, Surat
  6. Surat Railway Station – Indian Flag, Surat
  7. VNSG Main Gate, University Road, Surat
  8. Canal Walk Way, Opp. Anuvrat Dwar, Surat
  9. MIG23 Fighter Jet, Sarthana Zoo, Varachha
  10. T55 Army Tank, Ambatalavdi, Katargam, Surat
  11. Kesav Nagar Police Chowki, Parvat Patiya, Surat
  12. Kamrej Char Rasta – Indian Flag, Surat
  13. Sudama Chowk, Mota Varachha, Surat
  14. Parvat Patiya Police Chowki, Surat

And in coming year our aim is to put such boxes in all over in Surat and after that we will expand our aim in Nationwide.

Pictures of Raksha Peti

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