“I won’t die in an accident or die of any disease. ‘I will go down in glory.” – Major Walia To his Mother

Major Sudhir Kumar Walia would often tell his mother. Living up to his words, while displaying outstanding courage and leadership, he was martyred on 29 Aug 1999 during a counter-insurgency operation in Kupwara district of J&K.

This grateful nation remembers Major Sudhir Kumar Walia the #AshokChakra and #SenaMedal awardee on his “Day of Martyrdom” today.

Maj Sudhir hailed from Kangra dist in #HimachalPradesh and belonged to the 9 Para SF . After the end of Kargil war on 26 July 1999, the Army was continuing its high alert status to deal with any eventuality. Maj Sudhir and his team of daredevil commandos disguised as militants were carrying out the task of searching the hiding militants who could pose a serious threat to the security forces. On 29th Aug 1999, Maj Sudhir with a squad of five commandos was on a “Search and Destroy” mission in the dense jungle of “Hafruda Forest” in Kupwara district of J&K. The squad suddenly chanced upon a well-camouflaged hideout having twenty-odd terrorists.

Maj Sudhir quickly organized his team and attacked the hideout. Leading from the front and showing rare courage Maj Sudhir killed 4 militants single-handedly. However, during the process, he sustained gunshot wounds in his stomach. Though he was unable to move, he continued to give orders to his team until they eliminated all the suspected militants. He allowed himself to be evacuated only 35 minutes after the operation ended. Maj Sudhir was airlifted to the army base hospital but he succumbed to the injuries and was martyred.


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