“True to the motto of his Regiment, 1 Gorkha Rifles, “Kayar hunu bhanda marnu ramro” meaning “It is better to die than to be a coward”,

Capt Gurbachan Singh Salaria fought ferociously till his last breath on 05 Dec 1961…. Capt Salaria was tasked for a challenging mission of removing roadblocks set up by the rebels near the airfield.
Capt Salaria with a little power of 16 officers, bolstered by a 3-inch mortar, assaulted the adversary detour close Elizabethville landing strip and set up an UN barricade there. Be that as it may, Capt Salaria and his company met solid restriction from an enormous number of revolutionaries outfitted with programmed weapons and defensively covered bearers.

The rebel forces consisted of 90 heavily armed men and two armoured carriers.

Despite a numerically superior enemy (the ratio was 4:25), his last words over the radio were, “I am going in for attack.I am sure I will win.” Capt and his men charged towards the renegades yelling the Gorkha rallying call, ‘Ayo Gorkhali’.
He killed numerous of enemies & completed his task & mission successfully.

Captain Salaria was wounded in his neck twice by a burst of automatic fire in the operation but continued to fight till he collapsed due to profuse bleeding at the last line of trenches. He was only 26.

Dead upon the field of greatness, Hero fit for tune and story.


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