On 15 Sep 1995, Capt Arun’s unit had gotten believable data from insight sources about nearness of 20 psychological militants in a collapse Lolab valley. A choice was taken by the security powers to dispatch a pursuit and obliterate activity to catch the psychological militants under the authority of Capt Arun.

Capt Arun alongside his soldiers got the ball rolling and set off to a laborious move towards the speculated refuge. After about almost ten hours the group arrived at the general region at a stature around 3000 meters in the Lolab Valley of Jammu and Kashmir. As the group came nearer to the cavern, they were assaulted by the activists from well-settled in positions. Skipper Arun, having understood the circumstance chosen to confront the psychological oppressors himself and slaughtered one with his commando blade. He slaughtered one more psychological militant with a hand explosive and thrusted forward towards the cavern.

While moving forward towards the cave Capt Arun got hit by a bullet in the shoulder and was grievously injured. But he refused to move back and in a rare show of courage, shot dead the terrorist who had fired at him. When he reached near the cave, he was hit by two more bullets in the gut and chest and collapsed. Inspired by his bravery and leadership, the troops attacked the militants with double vigour and aggression and eliminated all of them. Capt Arun was martyred and he was awarded the nation’s highest peace time gallantry award “Ashok Chakra” for his outstanding courage, devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice. Punjab government also conferred Captain Arun Singh Jasrotia with the Nishan-e-Khalsa Award in 1999.


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