Story of Black Tiger – Ravindra Kaushik

Story of Black Tiger the spy of RAW

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In this article I have to show you a life changing true story of RAW secret agent spy Ravindra Kaushik the Black Tiger. Inspirational & motivational story. Ravindra Kaushik (1952-1999) was a former RAW agent who was caught and jailed in Pakistan where he eventually died.

Early life,

          Ravindra Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan on April 11, 1952. He was a famous artist and displayed his talent at the national level dramatic meet in lucknow which was witnessed by some officials of the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. He was contacted and offered a job of being an undercover agent of India in Pakistan. At the age of he was sent to Pakistan on a mission

In Pakistan, 

Ravindra Kaushik was recruited by RAW and was given extensive training in Delhi from two years. He underwent circumcision so he could pass as a Muslim. He was taught Urdu, given religious education and acquainted with the topography and other details about Pakistan. Being from Sri Ganganagar, he well versed in Punjabi which is spoken in major parts of Pakistan.

In 1975, he was sent to Pakistan and given the name ‘Nabi Ahmed Shakir ’. he gained access to the Pakistan Army as a civilian clerk and, later on, as a worker in their military accounts department. He converted to Islam, married a local girl named Amanat and become father of a son who died in 2012-2013

From 1979 to 1983, while in jobs associated with the military, he passed on valuable information to RAW which was on great help to the Indian defence forces

Death and aftermath

In September 1983, Indian intelligence agencies had sent a low level operative, Inayat Masih, to get in touch with Kaushik. But the agent was caught by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and revealed kaushik’s true identity. His cover was blown due to no fault of his own. He was caught only because Indian intelligence agencies did not maintain proper cut offs which are normally exercised by intelligence agencies.

Kaushik was captured and kept in various jails, including Sialkot and Kot Lakhpat. His sentence was later commuted to a life term by Pakistan Supreme Court.

On 26 July 1999, he succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease in New Central Jail Multan. He was buried behind that jail.

Kaushik’s family claimed that the story line of the famous Bollywood flick Ek Tha Tiger, released in 2012, was based on the life of Kaushik and asked that Kaushik be credited in the movie title.


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