The 2016 Pathankot assault was a fear based oppressor assault submitted on 2 January 2016 by an intensely furnished gathering which assaulted the Pathankot Air Force Station, some portion of the Western Air Command of the IAF.

Four assailants and two security powers work force were killed in the underlying fight, with an extra security power part biting the dust from wounds hours after the fact. The firearm fight and the ensuing brushing activity endured around 17 hours on 2 January, bringing about five aggressors and three security work force dead. Further three fighters passed on in the wake of being admitted to clinic with wounds, raising the loss of life to six officers. On 3 January, new discharges were heard, and another security official was murdered by an IED blast. The activity proceeded on 4 January, and a fifth aggressor was affirmed executed. Not until a last psychological oppressor was accounted for killed on 5 January was the counter fear monger activity proclaimed over, however further scans proceeded for quite a while.

The assault got wide worldwide judgment. In spite of the fact that the United Jihad Council, a Kashmir-based activist gathering, asserted duty regarding the assault on 4 January, the assailants, who were wearing Indian Army fatigues, were in this way suspected to have a place with Jaish-e-Mohammed, an Islamist aggressor bunch assigned a fear monger association by India, the US, the UK and the UN.

The assault prompted a breakdown in India-Pakistan relations, which remained to a great extent uncertain as of September 2019.Media reports recommended that the assault was an endeavor to crash a delicate harmony process intended to balance out the weakened relations among India and Pakistan, as a few bits of proof were found connecting the assailants to Pakistan.


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