Let’s Know Story Behind Scenes -Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Did Shivaji Maharaj Anti – Muslims ?

We all are aware that Shivaji Maharaj was known as Hindu Samrajya ke Maharaja, but in real was Maharaj anti-muslims?

Answer is NO.

Maharaj’s war was only against the Mughal emperor of Aurangzeb and Adilshah, Maharaj had never attacked a innocent one whether one was Muslim, Rajput or Hindu.

Now a days Hindu Muslim is hot topic for any news channel. but There is always Good Peoples in World who is not Hindu not Muslim , just a Good Human Being , Lets know about Maharaj’s Muslim Connections…….

  • Ibrahim Siddi was , Bodyguard of Maharaj , accompanied Maharaj while Maharaj met Afazal along with his 2 other Body guard, and Maharaj had successfully killed Afazal khana in Pratap gadh.
  • Kazi Hyder , Secretary of Maharaj.
  • Siddi Hilal , one of martyr of battle of Nesari , in which Prataprao Gujar and Six others along with Siddi Hilal has made suicide attack to kill Bahlol Khan’s mighty forces. These 7 are known as 7 Brave Marathas.

List of Maharaj’s Muslim Generals, Chieftains,Associates and Officers
The list of the Muslim Generals, associates, chieftains and officers is a very big, and there were at least 50 very important Muslim Generals in Shivaji’ s army.there was a big group of Muslim soldiers.

Here is a small list,

  1.  Siddhi Hilal
  2. Darya Sarang
  3. Daulat Khan
  4. Ibrahim Khan
  5. Kazi Hyder
  6. Siddi Ibrahim
  7. Siddi Wahwah
  8. Noorkhan Baig
  9. Shyama Khan
  10. Hussankhan Miyani
  11. Siddi Mistri
  12. Sultan Khan
  13. Dawood Khan
  14. Madari Mehetar, etc

Shivaji with his Muslim soldiers. Painting by Mir Mohammad.

Why Mughals could never detained Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj ?

We all know Who is Shivaji Maharaj , What he had achieved. But Today Let’s know how Maharaj had achieve all these.

First of all, I request all of you to google old or real Portraits of Maharaj. Take a look of them carefully, and if you can’t find one, I have attached one here.

What Similarity you have found in those photos?

Many of you must have got it. Yes , All Portraits of Maharaj covers only HALF SIDED FACE of Maharaj.

Mughals had never seen Shivaji unless they met him in War. And the reason behind that is only half sided portrait was available to Mughals , which was not enough to catch and detain Maharaj, that’s why despite of caught by Mughals many times they could never detained him , even once Aurangzeb has tried to make him hostage in Agra, but it was Aurangzeb’s failed attempt as Maharaj was able to escape from there, and it was interesting story so I request to all readers just find on Youtube How Shivaji Maharaj escaped from agra ?

So Celebrate SHIV JAYANTI and Learn From Our Great Leader.


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  1. क्षमा करना भाई विवेक में आपकी बात से सहमत नहीं हु क्यों की मेने जो इतिहास पढ़ा हे उसमे ऐसा कोई भी उल्लेख नहीं मिलता आपको में वो सभी पुष्तको के नाम देता हु :-
    १)छत्रपति शंभाजी महाराज (शिवाजी महाराज पुत्र)
    *बुधभूषण (मुख्य भाग = अध्याय २ ,श्लोक ११६ वा, शंभुराजे रचित)
    २)गजानंद भास्कर मेहंदड़े (इतिहासकार)
    * Shivaji His Life and Times
    * छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज झाले नुसते-तर
    ३)पद्मविभूषण, महाराष्ट्रभूषण, शिवशाही बालासाहेब पुरंदर
    * राजा शिवछत्रपति = १,२ भाग

  2. किसी व्यक्ति की पहचान उसका पुत्र कर सकता है या कोई इतिहासकार तो मेरी बात पे विचार कर अरे मेरी छोड़ो छत्रपति शंभाजी महाराज ने अपने पिता पे जो लिखा हे बुधभूषणमे २ अध्याय ११६ श्लोक उसपे नजर दाल लीजिएगा की “म्लेंछक्षयदीक्षित” का अर्थ क्या होता है और म्लेंछ किसे कहते हे ये आपको पता ही होगा
    जय माँ भारती
    हर हर महादेव


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