Introduction of Fire and basic safety step

We all should have one fire extinguishers for each floor.

So please contact your nearby safety equipment seller and grab a fire extinguisher.

If you will not need it, at least some other person should need it anytime. So you can help them.


That will not cost you more than 700-900 INR.
Its not more costly than anyone’s life.

All should have 1 or 2 kg ABC fire extinguisher at home.

*ABC is a fire type which can be caused at commercial or residential areas.

Types of Fires

Class A – because of solid materials like wood, paper, or textile

Class B – because of flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, or oils

Class C – because of gases

Class D – because of metals

Class E – because of live electrical

Class F – because of cooking oils such as in deep fat fryers

Class E and F are rarely reported so at household use you just need ABC fire extinguisher.

Take care of you and people around you.

– Environmental Engineer
– Health & Safety Manager




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