हर मौसम में सीमाओं पर हम तैयार खड़े – सीमा सुरक्षा बल

History :


From independence in 1947 to 1965, the protection of India’s international boundaries was the responsibility of native police happiness to every border state, with very little inter-state coordination. BSF was created as a Central government-controlled personnel to protect all of India’s borders, therefore transportation bigger cohesion in border security. BSF is charged with guarding India’s land border throughout the period and preventing international crime.

it’s a Union bureau underneath the executive management of the Ministry of Home Affairs. it’s one in all several enforcement agencies of the Asian country. It presently stands because of the world’s largest border guarding force.

  • Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
  • Operation Blue Star
  • Operation Black Thunder
  • Counter-Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Operation Vijay – Kargil War
  • 2001 Bangladeshi-Indian border skirmishes
  • 2001–2002 Operation Prakarm – India-Pakistan Standoff
  • 2013 India-Pakistan Border skirmishes
  • 2014–15 India–Pakistan border skirmishes

Formation :

                  During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the border management system was within the hands of the individual state police forces, and these proved incapable of properly coping with border threats. Following these episodes, the govt. created the Border personnel as a unified central agency with the precise mandate of guarding India’s international boundaries. K F Rustamji, from the Indian Police Service, was the primary Director General of BSF. Since it absolutely was a replacement force, the officers had to be deputed or inducted from outside to fill varied|the varied|the assorted} vacancies at various levels till the force’s own cadre gets matured enough. Keeping in mind the higher than, emergency commissioned officers and SS officers of the Indian Army were inducted in giant numbers within the force in conjunction with IPS officers UN agency were deputed to the force for prime level appointments. until 1965 India’s borders with West Pakistan were manned by the State Armed Police Battalion.

West Pakistan attacked Sardar Post, Chhar Bet, and police chief bet nine Apr 1965 in cutch. This exposed the inadequacy of the State Armed Police to deal with armed aggression because of that the govt. of Asian country felt the necessity for a specialized centrally controlled Border personnel, which might be armed and trained on the lines of the military, to man the International Border still because of the Line Of management (Under Army Operations) with West Pakistan. As a result of the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries, the Border personnel came into existence on one Dec 1965 with K F Rustamji as its 1st Director-General.


BSF soldiers perform their duty in 50-degree temperature at Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan

The BSF’s capabilities were employed in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 against Pakistani forces in areas wherever the Regular Forces were thinly spread; BSF troops took half in many operations as well as the notable Battle of Longewala. In fact, for BSF the war on the Japanese front had started well before the war really skint come in Dec ’71. BSF had trained, supported and shaped a part of “Mukti Bahini” and had entered erstwhile Bangla Desh before the particular hostilities skint out. BSF had vied an awfully vital role in the Liberation of Bangladesh that Mrs. Gandhi and sheik Mujibur Rehman had additionally acknowledged.

The BSF, long thought-about a male bastion, has currently deployed its 1st batch of ladies personnel at the border to hold out regular hunting of ladies still as different duties. Presently girl troops area unit deployed at varied borders. The BSF additionally has started induction of ladies at the officer level still.

BSF’s role during Peacetime :

  • To promote a way of security among the individuals living within the border areas.
  • To prevent trans-border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of the Asian country.
  • To prevent the importation and the other ineligible activities on the Border.
  • Anti-infiltration duties.
  • To collect trans-border intelligence.
  • BSF is basically utilized for Internal Security Duties and different law and order duties on the requisition of the authorities. Being a Central Armed personnel it is entrusted with policing duties anywhere except its mandate.

BSF’s Role throughout WAR time :

  • Holding ground in assigned sectors.
  • Limited aggressive action against irregular forces of the enemy (Though in 1971 war, many instances of battle with the army of West Pakistan are there. In war state of affairs, one needs to fight whoever is pitched against you, regular or irregular.)
  • Maintenance of Law and Order in enemy territory administered underneath the Army’s management.
  • Acting as guides to the military in border areas.
  • Assistance au fait of refugees.
  • Provision of escorts.
  • Performing special tasks connected with intelligence as well as cross-border raids.

Wagah Border Flag Lowering Ceremony :

Every evening, at the Wagah border, that is that the international border of Asian country and West Pakistan, the BSF beside the near country’s border guards, the West Pakistan Rangers conduct a drill whereas lowering the several national flags. This attracts a decent range of spectators from each country, still as international tourists. Similar parades area unit being unionized at Mahavir/Sadqi border close to Fazilka and Hussainiwala/Gandasinghwala border close to Firozpur.

Guarding Union of Burma (Burma) Border

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) is considering a proposal to entrust the border-guarding duty on the Indo-Myanmar border to the Border personnel (BSF). Presently, the 1,640 kilometers (1,020 mi) Indo-Myanmar border is being guarded by province Rifles.

The projected move to protect the Indo-Myanmar border follows a proposal from the BSF to require over the role by raising forty-five new battalions, one headquarters of further director-general, four frontier headquarters to be headed by Associate in Nursing antibody rank official and twelve sector headquarters to be headed by DIG level officers. however the recent rise in Insurgent Activities on Indo-Myanmar Border has forced the govt. of an Asian country to delay a Border Guarding Force like BSF on Indo-Myanmar Border. As of one March 2015, it absolutely was set by the Ministry of Home Affairs to stay the authority of this border with province Rifles solely.



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