Why do the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have different salutes?

In Indian armed force they follow different way of saluting in different forces. These salutes got developed with a great meaning and purpose.

Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have different salutes

Indian Army – Open palm towards the person in front

The open palm establish trust and the hand used is right hand, which proves that he doesn’t carry any weapon. Also his right hand is engaged in saluting so won’t be using weapon.

Indian Navy – Palm facing the ground

This way of saluting hides the grease and dirt in the hands of the sailor while saluting.

Indian Air Force – Palm at 45 degree towards the sky

From March 2006 onwards , Air-force personnel follow this way of saluting, previous to this Air force followed the army style. It signifies the rise of aircraft to sky, as the Motto of the air force says

“Touch the Sky with Glory”.

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