Comparison of J&K vs POK

The point of Kashmir has always been the bone of dispute between India and Pakistan. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK) is that part of India which is occupied by the Pakistan after the incursion in 1947, since then this area is known as the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK). POK is spread in area of 2.22 Lake sq km. Unfortunately, 30% area of POK is occupied by Pakistan and 10% by China and 60% part of territory occupied by India. In this article we prove that the area comes under the region of India is in superior in terms of per capital income, size of GDP etc. as compared to POK.


Indian Kashmir : 101387 sq km

POK : 13297 sq km


Indian J&K: 1.25 CR(2011)

POK: >40 Lakh(2017)


Indian Kashmir: 22

POK: 10


Indian Kashmir: Jammu, Srinagar

POK: Muzaffarabad

Assembly Seats:

Indian Kashmir: 87

POK: 49

Annual Budget:

J&K: INR 95,667 CR(2018-19) (20% increase refer to last year)

POK: PKR 10,820 CR(2018-19)(2% increase refer to last year)


IndianJ&K spend 12% from its total budget for study. It is very high from the total spend money for study in all over Pakistan.

J&K: INR 1100 CR(2017)

POK: PKR 135 CR(2018)

In all over Pakistan 3570 CR spend  for education out of 5.25 Trillion budget.

Colleges & Universities:

J&K: 35 Recognized Universities

NIT Srinagar is World Ranking of 67.

It has established in 1960, at that time it was a regional engineering college. At, 15 august 2007 it was ranked as Institute Of  National Importance(IIT). Google, Facebook company is go there for placement. NIT Srinagar eliminies work in World’s biggest eliminies and teach in big institutes of world.

POK: 8-10 Universities(No one POK university is ranking in  Asia’s 1000 biggest universities.)

Health Spending:

      J&K: INR 3000 CR(2017-18)

POK: PKR 29 CR(2017-18) In total  budget of 10000 CR  only 29 CR  is allocate for    study in POK.

Government is setting up to AIIMS in Jammu and Kashmir Centre agrees to two ‘AIIMS facilities’ in Jammu, Kashmir.

There are already hospitals like the ones below both of which are super speciality hospitals. There are already SMGS, GMC in Jammu and SKIMS in Srinagar and more.

Infra Spending:

J&K: INR 6724 CR(2017-18)

           INR 9800 CR(2019)

POK: PKR 1028 CR(2017-18)

          (Communicational Infra Structure included)


J&K: Total 4 Operational  Airports



          International:1(Srinagar Airport- State of The Art Internationl Airport in this World Class Inra and  Facilities avialable )

Srinagar Internationl Airport:100 flights daily

POK: 2(No one is operational)

        Musaffaraba Airport(close after 2005 earth queack), Ravlacot airport(Unoperational after 2016)

Train running in Indian Kashmir

J&K: 28 Railway Station(12 in Jammu & 16 in Kashmir)

 In 2001 Kashmir railway get status of National project 

184 Billion Rs spent for Chinab bridge project, made in Kashmir which is the highest railway bridge project in World(Height 360 Metre , Breath 450 Metre).

POK: There are no functional railway station in POK. So it is very difficult to reach pok from any other states of Pakistan.

In POK there are no this type project is made.


First cable stayed bridge in North India at Bansoli, Jammu and Kashmir.

World’s tallest arc type bridge is coming up in Jammu and Kashmir

There is also plan to build a new expressway from New Delhi to Katra

Highway Infrastructure:

INR 42000 CR allocated for Highway and Tunnel construction in J&K under PM’s development package.

Four Lane Srinagar-Jammu National Highway

Road to Muzaffarabad, POK

The 10.9 kms long tunnel on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.

(Chenani-Nashri tunnel,cost: INR 3720 CR, Length: 9.2 km, Elevation: 1200 m)

No such tunnel exist in POK. The tunnel will save fuel worth nearly Rs 100 CR a year and reduces the travel time between the two state capitals of Jammu and Srinagar by more than two hours.

Ring roads: INR 4000 CR

                    Srinagar: INR 2021 CR

                    Jammu: 2097 CR,156 new projects: 429.14 CR

In J&K 511 bridge construction is in progress. In 2018, 18 bridge’s work is completed and 26 bridge’s work will complete in 2019.)

All  Highway projects running in Pakistan constructed under China pack.


Jammu and Kashmir has a lot of hydel projects under construction and there is paln for worlds largest Solar power project in Ladakh.


Not many will know but there are Astronomical observatory in Ladakh and it’s a place is stunning.

Indian Kashmir is fight with terrorists since many years although there are many progress has done in compare with  POK. In POK,there are no problem of terrorists still there are no progress.

 Indian Kashmir has steady supply to power but POK has no steady source of power and hospitals,etc are totally left on their own.

India does not suppess press freedom in Kashmir  even if they have people who show Pak flags and IS flags but journalism in POK is a fatal job. Not much news comes out of that area, like ever.

In short, it can be said that POK is behind Indian Kashmir and its main cause is that the ideology of India is evolution oriented while region of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir is used as a centre of terrorism by the Pakistan.

Jai Hind🇮🇳Jai Bharat


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