Surgical strike square measure military attacks within which meant to end in harm to the meant legitimate military target solely, with no harm to close structures, vehicles, buildings, or the final public infrastructures and utilities. An extremely swift and targeted attack is distributed within the case of a strike, in conjunction with the equally vital … Read more

Elite Commandos Airdropped in Kashmir’s Ganderbal Forests After Militants Sighted on Trek Route to Srinagar

A monstrous military activity to find ‘concealing aggressors’ is in progress since most recent ten days in Gangbal woods regions of Ganderbal region in focal Kashmir after the killing of two speculated agitators, who police accept had penetrated the Line of Control. First class Para-toppers of the Indian Army were airdropped in the uneven locale, … Read more

Women Achievers – International women’s day

1.    Lt. Gen. Punita Arora: General Arora is the first Indian woman to hold the rank of Lieutenant General in the India Armed Forces and first female Vice Admiral in the Indian Navy.In her 37 years of her service, she has received 15 medals for her exceptional leadership and service to the nation. 2.    Air Mrshl. Padmavathy … Read more