Surgical strike square measure military attacks within which meant to end in harm to the meant legitimate military target solely, with no harm to close structures, vehicles, buildings, or the final public infrastructures and utilities.
An extremely swift and targeted attack is distributed within the case of a strike, in conjunction with the equally vital aim of minimizing the casualty evoked within the close areas and civilians. The neutralization of solely the particular targets during this case conjointly prevents the step-up of the military tensions to the dimensions of a full blown war. The strike attacks are often distributed via associate degree air strike, or by airdropping special operations team, or through a swift ground operation by causation special troop.

Surgical Strikes by India:

Bangladesh (1971) :

  • In 1971, the Indian Army closely co-operated with ‘Mukti Bahini’ within the Asian nation|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} (now Bangladesh) state within the build-up to the 1971 Bangladesh war. However, this operation has not been formally admitted by the Indian authorities.

Kashmir (1971) :

  • The Chachro Raid of 1971 – India’s most impertinent strike in Pakistan.
  • In 1971, the Indian U. S. Army Special Forces and also the Ghatak platoons of squaddies conducted plan of action operation across the LoC in Cashmere, and end in tiny scale damages across the border.
  • One of the foremost mettlesome and special among them is that the raid on Chachro different|and several other} other Pakistani military positions eighty metric linear unit within foe territory in 1971.
  • Specially trained commando’s of the ten Para strike enemy positions and came while not one casualty. The commando’s traveled over five hundred metric linear unit hanging Pakistani positions.
  • By these strike, the Indian Army was able to send a robust purpose across.
    This operation was junction rectifier by Lt mountain pass Bhawani Singh. For 4 days, the battalion infiltrated deep within enemy space and distributed raid on enemy positions at Chachro and Virwah. Lt mountain pass Singh was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his Leadership and bravery.

Myanmar (Apr-May 1995 | Operation Golden Bird) :

  • In 1995, Asian country and Burma (then Burma) conducted a joint operation block around two hundred NSCN, ULFA and KLO militants moving through the Burma-Mizoram border.
    Operation Golden Bird was began to intercept a column of North-Eastern rebels Naga, Manipuri and state creating its means through the jungle of Southern Mizoram when finding out consignment of weapons that had landed at Wyakaung beach, on the Myanmar-Bangladesh coast. The operation was geared toward flushing out the United Liberation Front of state, the managed economy Council of Nagaland and Manipuri fighters in camps on the border. it had been a forty five day’s operation, however the operation terminated suddenly as national capital ordered its army to tug of the operation within the middle of operation. The Burma army compete its half by protection its facet of the border till the grant of the national leader Award to Aung San Suu Kyi upset them and also the survivors of the at bay rebel column managed to flee into the wilds of Burma’s Chin Hills through gaps within the dragnet caused by the Myanmar Armed Forces’s withdrawal.

Bhutan (2003 | Operation All Clear ) :

  • Operation All Clear was a operation conducted by Royal Asian nation|Asian country|Asian nation} Army forces against state separatist insurgent teams within the Southern regions of Bhutan between fifteen December 2003 and three Gregorian calendar month 2004. it had been the primary operation ever conducted by the Royal Asian nation Army.
  • The operation was acknowledged by the govt. concerning thirty militant camps were targeted throughout this operation, as well as ULFA, NDFB and KLO hideouts, that result in 650 militants being “neutralized”.

Myanmar (2006) :

  • In Gregorian calendar month 2006, the Indian Army and Security Forces in Burma reportedly conduct a joint operation within the territory of Burma, targeting native militants in position of the exchange of some military equipments to the Burma Army by Asian country.


  • In June 2008, a Soldier of the 2/8 Gorkha Rifles lost his means and was captured by a Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) in Kel sector. His body was found headless when a number of days.
  • The Indian Army retaliated every week later by predatory Pakistani posts. within the counter-attack, a minimum of eight Pakistani troopers were killed. The Indian troopers brought back the heads of four Pakistani troopers.

Pakistan (2011 | OPERATION GINGER) :

  • According to a report , the Indian Army had distributed surgical strikes across the LoC in 2011, in paying back to the coup de main on a military post in Gugaldhar ridge in Kupwara in Gregorian calendar month 2011 that left half-dozen troopers dead. The Pakistani raiders had carried back the heads of two troopers.
  • According to the reports accessed by the paper, the Indian Army in response planned one in every of its deadliest cross-border strikes. when polishing off a close intelligence activity, Indian Army commandos smitten three Pakistani Army posts on August thirty, let go a path of death, destruction and booby traps. a minimum of thirteen Pakistani troopers were killed. three of those troopers were beheaded and also the heads were brought back to Asian country.

Pakistan (2013 | Operation Badla) :

  • Lance Naik Hemraj Singh and Sudhakar Singh were killed brutally by the Pakistani troopers on Gregorian calendar month eight close to the LoC in Poonch district. Their bodies were headless and also the brutal torture and killing of the two Indian troopers has caused a national uproar. The incineration was done on Gregorian calendar month nine.
    In Gregorian calendar month 2013, when a Pakistani BAT headless Lance Naik Hemraj, Indian troops fully destroyed a Pakistani post across the LoC from Poonch. If sources square measure to be believed, quite 0.5 a dozen Pakistani troops and terrorists were killed within the revenge attack named Operation Badla.

Myanmar (2015) :

  • In June 2015, a team comprising of concerning seventy Indian Army commando’s distributed strike within the jungles of Burma. The forty min operation took out thirty eight dreadful Naga militants and left seven eviscerate. The strike was planned hours when the Naga militants killed eighteen Indian troopers in associate degree ambush at the Chandel space of province on June fourth, 2015.

Pakistan (2016 | URI Avenged) :

  • On quarter day, simply every week when eighteen troopers of the Indian Army were killed by a militant attack at the Indian Army brigade Headquarters in URI, surgical strikes were distributed across LoC. The Indian Army’s Para Commando’s team crossed the LoC, silenced sentries at terror launchpads, so destroyed the camps with explosives and flame throwers.
    It has been a pair of years since the Indian army commando’s crossed the LoC to hold out surgical strikes in POK. The strikes were distributed to punish Pakistan’s attack on Uri that killed nineteen Indian Army troopers earlier in Sep 2016. India’s announcement of the claimed raid on twenty nine Sep marked the primary time that the govt had in public acknowledged its forces crossing the LoC.
  • The surgical strikes started around 12:30 am on the intervening night of Sep 28-29, 2016, and went on for concerning four hours. however coming up with such associate degree attack wasn’t straightforward for the military.

Pakistan (2019 / Operation Bandar) :

  • The Indian Air Force used ‘Bandar’ as a code name for the mission to attack on Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp in Balakot, Pakistan.
  • On Gregorian calendar month twenty six, twelve Mirage-2000 having departed from varied air bases cross over into the Pakistani air house and distributed missile attack on Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp in Balakot .
  • The strikes distributed by the Indian Air Force, pilots had born five Spice-2000 bombs therein four penetrated on the rooftops of the building within which terrorists were sleeping.
  • While a number of the Mirage-2000 craft distributed the assault on Jaish positions, a team of alternative few Mirages and Su-30MKI Combat Air-craft unbroken the Pakistan air force planes off from generating any obstruction or launching any counter-attack.
  • As per the Indian Air Force informs to the govt, eighty % of the bombs had been born with success on their targets and had accomplish the necessary harm to the enemy areas. The operations were aptly supported by the autochthonic ‘Airborne Early Warning and management systems (AEW&C)’ plane Netra.
  • The Indian Air Force had conjointly unbroken its team of Garud commandos on standby for any quite operation which will are essential thanks to any quite crisis there.
  • The Indian Air Force is additionally reaching to honour the IAF pilots United Nations agency took half within the strike with Hindu deity Sena laurel wreath for Gallantry for his or her acts of bravery.


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