Biography of AJIT DOVAL – India’s 007


Ajit Kumar doval is a 5th national security adviser to the prime minister of India. He is a retired India police service (IPS)Officer.He also play a role of as an Indian spy to Pakistan for seventh years.


  •         Ajit doval was born on 20th January 1945 at ghiri Banelsyun,pauri Garhwal,United provinces ,British india. He was joind the King George’s Royal Indian Military School at Ajmer,Rajasthan. He was get the degree of master’s in economics from the university of agra in 1967.In 1968 he was selected as an indian police service (IPS) Officer from the kerala cadre.The anti-insurgency Programmes in the states of panjab and Mizoram ,Ajit doval is famous for actively connected with that programme.
  • During his time period there was held Indian line of control strike in 2016 and the balakot airstrike in 2019.
  • He was teach under M.K Narayanam ,previous IPS officer and 3nd National Security Adviser Of India.


  • In 1968 he was started his police career as an IPS officer from kerala cadre.
  • Doval was involved in the discussion about release of passengers from the IC- 814 in kandhar,Afghanistan was under the control of taliban.
  • During 1997 -1999 He has an experience of all 15 commandeer of Indian Airlines Aircraft .
  • He served as the head of operations wings of Intelligence bureau ,In 2004-05 he was selected as a director of the IB.
  • Ajit doval is the chairman and founder of the MAC and JTFI.
  • winning over 6 of laldengra’ 7 commanders during Mizo National Front Insurgency ,which was mean of set up sovereign state for Mizon,its was done because of Ajit Doval.
  • In Pakistan Ajit doval was spent 7 years as an undercover agent for India .
  • During his time in Pakistan he undercover as a Muslim and transfer the important information and data to india.
  • In 1990 he was sent to Kashmir and satisfy radical like kuka parray to become counter insurgents targeting anti India terrorists.
  • He was selected as minister of Indian high commission in London after his tour of duty in jammu and Kashmir.
  • In 2005 he was retired from the post of director, intelligence bureau.He was become the founding director of vivekananda international foundation .
  • He wa wrote 2 reports in 2009 an 2011
  • Idian black Money abroad in secret banks
  • Tax havens
  • In 2014 on 30th may he was selected as India’s 5th national security adviser.
  • In 2016 the Indian surgical strike jn Pakistan were doval idea.which were completely beneficial in neutralizing targets hostile to India.
  • In 2018 He was appointed as a chairman of the strategic police group.


  • He was the youngest police officer who received the police medal for meritorious service.
  • He was given award after 6th years in the police
  • He was awarded by the president’s police medal.
  • He was granted as one of the highest gallantry awards ,KRITI CHAKRA,he becoming the 1st police officer whe receive a medal previously given only as a military honor.

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