Few Facts about ‘Pralay’ Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM) of India.

The rocket’s name is taken from Sanskrit word ‘pralaya’, which means Total obliteration or demolition. Pralay is a strong fuel Surface-to-Surface guided Short-extend Ballistic rocket for war zone utilize created by DRDO. The rocket depends on Prithvi Defense Vehicle from Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program. Pralay’s most extreme operational range is 500 km and it … Read more

फिर से कश्मीर जंनत होगी

फिर से कश्मीर जंनत होगी सुबह कि नई बाहर सजेगी गुलशन के रंग सिंगार रचेगी नई कश्मीर नई तस्वीर होगी सूरज लालिमा लायेगा नये पनसे नीला अंबर नये रंग से खिलेगा चाँद अपनेपन मे मुशकरायेगा सितारे अपने आचलमे लहेरायेगें फिर से कश्मीर जंनत होगी उचे परबत वादिया हरियाली सजा़्येगें उडते जूमते पछीं गुन गुना येगें … Read more

INDIA with success TEST-FIRES unrestricted, ALL-TERRAIN fast REACTION guided missile

The  is provided with electronic counter measures against electronic countermeasures by craft radars. A Gregorian calendar month twenty six exposure of the fast Reaction guided missile being test-fired from ITR Chandipur in Balasore district of Odisha. BHUBANESWAR: Asian country on Sunday with success take a look at laid-off a fast Reaction guided missile (QRSAM) with … Read more

India, Thailand are intensifying military collaboration, this year’s tripartite exercise, Brahmos sophisticated discussion

India and Thailand are stepping up military cooperation, with a tri-lateral naval exercise planned later this year and advanced talks on for the acquisition of Brahmoscruise missiles and other indigenous weapon systems. The first tri lateral maritime exercise involving India, Singapore and Thailand is planned to take place in the Andaman Sea later this year … Read more