And life goes on for Heroes. At a road intersection in Bhawanigarh, a small town in Sangrur district of Punjab, Head Constable Satpal Singh is busy directing traffic.”However, a nearby see his uniform discloses to you he is no conventional traffic police officer.” “On his shirt, he wears four columns of awards ribands, including one that is half blue-half orange.” The Vir Chakra.

Twenty years ago,

Satpal Singh was a Sepoy and part of 8 Sikh tasked to support 18 Grenadiers, to capture Tiger Hill during Kargil War. They reached their location on July 5, 1999 in biting cold. The enemy launched a series of counter attack. With the unit’s jaikara ‘Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal’ reverberating in the air, he rushed at the enemy. Despite being hit by four bullets, he kept fired my LMG inflicting casualties on the enemy. In the fierce gun and hand-to-hand fight to evict the enemy Intruders, he killed Captain Karnal Sher Khan and 4 other soldiers of the Northern Light Infantry.

Havildar Satpal Singh (now retired) still remembers the harrowing war, thanks God that he returned back to his family alive (sans the battle injuries) and can continue to serve the nation in any manner. He today was promoted from Head Constable to ASI by CM Amrinder Singh.

Vir Chakra Citation:- Sepoy Satpal Singh along with his section, was deployed in the Drass sector during ‘Operation Vijay’. The section came under heavy enemy fire from Tiger Hill, Rocky Knob, Charlie Feature and Trig Height at 0600 hrs on 6 July 1999.

The enemy launched counter attack with 15 to 16 intruders and intense fire fighting ensued between Sepoy Satpal Singh and the intruders. While repulsing counter attack, he seriously wounded. Showing utter disregard to his personal safety he kept firing incessantly, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. He did not allow enemy to come closer and beat back the counter attack. The enemy launched a second counter attack with 40 to 45 intruders. He boldly confronted them again. Though suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, he kept engaging the intruders and killed four of them. Many more intruders were injured and this finally forced the enemy to flee.


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