This Grateful Nation Pays Homage to The Braves Gentleman Officer Major Shashidharan Vijay Nair. He belonged to 2nd Battalion of the 1 Gorkha Rifles. Maj & his wife Trupti’s love story is an example for how humble & Gentle a man can be .

As the nation mourned the loss of Major Shashidharan V Nair, who was martyred in an IED blast at the LOC in Kashmir, the misfortune it meant for one particular soul was hard to miss.

Trupti Nair, the wife of Major Nair, was seen in her wheelchair at the National War Memorial in Pune during his funeral – crushed by an unimaginable loss.

The two had met six years ago via mutual acquaintances. Major Nair was a 27 year old Captain then, while Trupti was just a 26 year old pursuing a Masters degree. It was love at first sight according to their friends. The couple decided to get engaged within 6 months!

Yet, fate was not ready to be kind to the two. Just eight months after their engagement, Trupti was diagnosed with multiple arteriosclerosis, which put her in a wheelchair. Though Major Nair was advised by many to call off the engagement, he proved his love knew no boundaries by getting married.
Soon after, she suffered another stroke which left her paralysed from waist down. But that didn’t deter Major Nair a bit. In fact, he made it a point to party with his wife at his Army get-togethers, even carrying her when required.


Just before his martyrdom, Major Nair had been on a month-long leave. Trupti had expressed her fears about his posting in Kashmir. Major Nair though promised that he would come back, allaying her fears. But destiny had other intentions.

The story was first put out by Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat, which then went viral. The love story of Major Nair and Trupti was termed legendary by their friends.


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