“DAD, I will most likely be unable to come all the way back to be a piece of our family once more. Regardless of whether I don’t cause it, to don’t lament for me since I have just chosen to give my best for the country.” – Naga Warrior, CAPT NEIKEZHAKUO KENGURUSE, MVC who climbed Kargil’s cold precipices barefeet to vanquish the foe, in his last letter

Affectionately called Neibu by his loved ones, and Nimbu Sahab by his north Indian soldiers who couldn’t articulate his name, this youthful Captain had all of a half year of dispatched administration behind him when he wound up in the thick of fight in the cold statures of ‘Dark Rock’ in Dras. His snapshot of magnificence went ahead night 28-29 June 1999 when without thinking about his very own wellbeing, he volunteered to attempt a challenging commando crucial included assaulting an adversary automatic rifle position on a sheer bluff.

As the commando company scaled the precipice, they went under serious mortar and programmed fire from above. Therefore, the group confronted overwhelming setbacks with Capt. Kenguruse being shot in the belly. Unflinching by the damage, he encouraged his men to continue with the attack. On arriving at the last bluff face, the detachment was ended by a sheer vertical shake divider that isolated them from the foe post.

As he drove his men up the bluff, his boots neglected to get a decent grasp because of the tricky surface. Resolute, he removed his shoes and continued climbing BAREFOOT at 16000 feet in gnawing cold temperature of – 10 degrees! Also, conveying a RPG rocket launcher on his back with him!! In a superhuman accomplishment, he scaled the bluff, amazed the hellfire out of the Pakis, utilized the rocket launcher overwhelming everything in the vicinity on the foe position. They answered with a hail of gunfire however he continued shooting till he had devastated the dugouts. Two aggressors from a close by fortification hurried towards him, and he handled them with his commando blade close by to-hand battle before a volley of shots brushed him off the bluff. Be that as it may, his challenging demonstration had done what’s needed harm to guarantee that his soldiers would proceed to catch the position.


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