Six individuals, including four Indian Army work force and two non military personnel doormen were killed two days prior after they were hit by a torrential slide in the Siachen Glacier. This isn’t the first run through when Indian Army or Pakistan Army — both present at what is the most noteworthy (around 24,000 feet) combat zone on the planet — have lost troopers because of extraordinary atmosphere — in this district, conditions are extreme to the point that even helicopters need to surpass their administration envelope.

Life is extreme at the Siachen ice sheet, spread over a 76 km zone, because of below zero temperatures that plunge underneath – 60 degrees, steady danger of torrential slides, precipices on the icy mass, rapid breezes and a scope of conceivably deadly elevation related diseases.

Here is all that you should think about the historical backdrop of the spot and its vital significance for India:

Why Is Siachen Important?

  • The Siachen icy mass outlines focal Asia from the Indian subcontinent, and isolates Pakistan from China in the district.
  • The Saltoro Ridge of the Siachen icy mass fills in as a gap that anticipates direct connecting of PoK with China, halting them to create land military linkages in the territory. Siachen additionally fills in as a watchtower for India to keep a profound watch on Gilgit and Baltistan locales of Pakistan.
  • On the off chance that Pakistan gets the area advantage in Siachen, it would turn into a major risk to India from the west in Ladakh notwithstanding Chinese dangers from Aksai Chin of the east.
  • Because of its command over Saltoro Ride, India is better set to make a deal while settling reciprocal regional questions with Pakistan later on.
  • Siachen additionally causes India to keep a nearby watch on China ‘s exercises as Beijing has immensely improved its framework in this area. China has built up all climate rail and street interfaces in the Shaksgam locale, which was surrendered to China by Pakistan in 1960s.
  • Surrendering Indian-controlled Karakoram Pass triangle area to Pakistan would have additionally reinforced the Sino-Pakistan impressions on these key statures.

Why Siachen Is Such A Difficult Area To Defend?

  • Other than the twin military dangers from Pakistan and China, the atmosphere condition is the greatest test for the military. Temperature in Siachen icy mass in winters drops to underneath – 60 degrees.
  • There are likewise consistent dangers of torrential slides, precipices on the ice sheet, fast breezes. Troopers positioned in the region are influenced by a scope of lethal elevation related illnesses like ice chomps, hypoxia, hypothermia and white outs.

What’s The Cost of Staying At Siachen?

  • The two India and Pakistan have sent around 5,000 soldiers (unit quality). For India, expenses of support in the district is about Rs 5 crore daily. India has spent over Rs 7,500 crore for obtainment of garments and mountaineering gear for warriors.
  • Regarding human expense, the same number of 869 Indian troopers have lost their lives in Siachen since 1984 because of climatic conditions, in contrast with around 2000 Pakistani officers.
  • In one of the most noticeably terrible known episodes, 140 Pakistani warriors were slaughtered after a torrential slide hammered into their military camp in Gyari district of Siachen in 2012.

How And Why India Occupied Siachen Through ‘Activity Megahdoot’?

  • Pakistan was first to see the capability of this deliberately significant empty region. Anyway it didn’t convey troops till 1970 however used to send mountaineering undertakings to the ice sheets. In mid 1981, Indian Army Col Narinder Bull Kumar sounded the alert over Pakistan’s campaigns in the locale. After that the military gave him the authorization to outline whole area. Detecting Indian Army’s enthusiasm for the locale, Pakistan Army arranged a strategic possess the region however was hit by an insight disappointment. Pakistan had requested mountaineering gears from a London organization who was additionally a provider for India. India got the data about Pakistan’s acquisitions. In April 1984, India direly dispatched soldiers to Siachen under mystery Operation Meghadoot. Indian troops arrived at the ice sheet seven days sooner than Pakistan. When Pakistan officers arrived at the area, India had just dealt with the ice sheet and the neighboring Saltoro edge, utilizing Col Kumar’s maps. One of the key Indian establishments in Siachen is named Kumar Base after him.


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