The Rafale is the principal operational – thus far, the main – European battle airplane to utilize an electronic filtering radar. Created by Thales, the RBE2 radar has profited by a huge research exertion and from Thales’ unparalleled ability dependent on past experience. Contrasted with radars with customary reception apparatuses, phenomenal degrees of situational mindfulness are accomplished with before identification and following of various targets.

With its predominant bar nimbleness and its gigantic registering power, the RBE2 offers remarkable presentation that can’t be recreated by mechanical checking radars.

The AESA gives a wide Range of Functions :

  • All-perspective turn upward and look-down identification and following of various air focuses for close battle and long-go block attempt, in all climate and in serious sticking situations,
  • Capacity to follow focuses in, or out of the pursuit space, acquiring a definitive bit of leeway air battle,
  • Constant age of three-dimensional maps for territory following above strange landscape in daze conditions. The Rafale is the sole new age battle airplane to at present propose such a capacity,
  • Constant age of high goals 2D ground maps for route updates and discovery, recognizable proof and assignment of ground targets,
  • Discovery and following of numerous maritime targets.

The RBE2-AESA is completely perfect as far as discovery go with the up and coming long range METEOR aerial rocket. The AESA offers a remarkable development potential for what’s to come.

In those circumstances where watchfulness turns into the absolute most significant strategic factor, the Rafale can depend on a few other sensor frameworks:

Front Sector Optronics – FSO :

Created by Thales, the “Front Sector Optronics” (FSO) framework is completely incorporated into the airplane. Working in the optronic wavelengths, it is invulnerable to radar sticking and it gives secretive long-go location and ID, high goals rakish following and laser extend finding for air, ocean and ground targets.

The FSO’s ground-breaking TV sensor (signaled by the Rafale’s dynamic and uninvolved sensors) is genuinely significant to decidedly distinguish focuses in circumstances where a visual contact is required by the standards of commitment.

SPECTRA – Internal Electronic Warfare Suite :

Together created by Thales and MBDA, the SPECTRA inside “Electronic Warfare” (EW) framework is the foundation of the Rafale’s exceptional survivability against the most recent airborne and ground dangers.

It is completely incorporated with different frameworks in the airplane, and it gives a multi-ghostly danger cautioning ability against antagonistic radars, rockets and lasers.

The SPECTRA framework completes dependable long-go discovery, distinguishing proof and localisation of dangers, permitting the pilot to immediately choose the best protective estimates dependent on mixes of radar sticking, infrared or radar decoying and equivocal moves.

The rakish localisation execution of the SPECTRA sensors makes it conceivable to precisely find ground dangers so as to maintain a strategic distance from them, or to target them for obliteration with accuracy guided weapons.

The remarkable ability of SPECTRA with respect to airborne danger localisation, is one of the keys of the Rafale’s predominant situational mindfulness.

Likewise instrumental in SPECTRA’s presentation is a danger library that can be effortlessly characterized, incorporated and refreshed without prior warning clients in their own nation, and in full self-sufficiency.

SPECTRA now incorporates another age rocket cautioning framework that offers expanded identification execution against the most recent dangers.

Net-Centric Capability :

The net-driven capacity of the Rafale relies on its open engineering, its information combination programming and its similarity with an assortment of information joins, which “plug” the Rafale into the coordinated fight space.

A safe high-rate information interface is given to share information in joined air tasks continuously with other airplane in the arrangement, airborne and surface direction and control focuses, strategic air controllers or other well disposed resources. The Link 16 information connect is likewise accessible to those clients cleared to work it.

As a net-driven competent resource, the Rafale can trade pictures. The Rover (“Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver”) is a component of this ability which permits aircrews and forward air controllers on the ground to share recordings or pictures of the objective. It forestalls blue-on-blue occurrences and inadvertent blow-back, an unequivocal bit of leeway in peacekeeping tasks.

The Rafale’s interoperability, as a major aspect of a worldwide activity, has been shown on incalculable events, and Link 16 just as non-NATO arrangements can be given to meet different clients’ necessities.

Talios – Targeting And Laser Designation Pod :

The new Talios focusing on and laser designator unit structured by Thales, brings entire day and night observation and laser assignment capacity to the Rafale, with metric exactness. It licenses laser-guided weapons to be conveyed at remain off range and elevation.

The IR sensor of the Talios unit works in the mid-wave infrared band and is coupled to a high-goals new age TV sensor.

Talios is interoperable with all current laser-guided weapons.

AREOS – Recce Pod With Quick Analysis Capability :

For both key and strategic surveillance missions, the French Armed Forces have received the new age Thales AREOS observation framework for the Rafale.

As showed in Libya, Mali, the Central African Republic, Iraq and Syria, this cutting edge, day and night hardware can be utilized in a wide scope of situations, at remain off separations, from high to low heights.

To abbreviate the insight gathering cycle and quicken the rhythm of tasks, the AREOS unit is fitted with an information interface which permits high goals pictures to be transmitted back to military leaders progressively.

The extraordinary presentation of AREOS in remain off surveillance makes it a sensor with a genuine vital worth.


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