MS Dhoni will stay with his 106 TA Battalion (Para) until 15 August and perform military tasks, representatives of the army said.

On Wednesday, an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army, Mahendra Singh Dhoni joined army troops in the militancy-infested Southern Kashmir region to carry out patrols, guard duties and comparable responsibilities as did other soldiers.

The former captain of the Indian cricket team will remain with his 106 TA Battalion (Para) until August 15 and perform tasks with the soldiers, representatives of the army said. “Today Lt Col Dhoni came here and joined his unit,” said one of the authorities.

The unit is deployed as part of the Victor Force in the militancy-infested southern Kashmir region. The two-week session of the 38-year-old World Cup winning captain with his unit was approved last week at Dhoni’s request by the Army headquarters.

Jay Hind

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