HUMINT-Human Intelligence Human Intelligence Explanation by Biswajit Ray

HUMINT Human Intelligence Human Intelligence (HUMINT), could be a style of intelligence obtained from information gathered and equipped by human resources

HUMINT play major role for neutralizing enemies, on ground risk assessment, locating adversaries, and gathering info concerning internal and external threats. HUMINT is one among st the foremost necessary a part of intelligence field. except for higher HUMINT a person’s resources with correct data of Geo-Spatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), mensuration and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) and Open supply Intelligence (OSINT). contend a serious role intelligence specially in war time. The main distinction is Human Intelligence is totally different from the opposite intelligence. as a result of it’s supported social contact or affiliation. opposition intelligence or IMINT, that area unit supported technology. this is often why a HUMINT resource desires data concerning philosophical and psychological aspects of human behavior. He has to be ready to inspire and persuade individuals, and to handle varied varieties of communications.

The HUMINT collector should verify the supply. to see concerning his/her perspective, behavior ,honesty or if he/she is compromised. eventually presence of mind is very important. In technical field TECHINT, OSINT and intelligence area unit vital. For ground level or different work. HUMINT continues to be the most cost effective and most effective answer, although it needs longer.


Human Intelligence ways As delineate in “Human Intelligence Collector Operators” (US Department of the Army), the gathering method comprise in 5 stages:

  1. Designing and preparation
  2.  Approach
  3.  Questioning
  4.  Termination
  5.  Coverage

HUMINT is collected through a diplomatic report, locals, normal patrol, prisoners of war, refugees, espionage, and non-governmental organizations. HUMINT is provided by interrogations with folks that have access to a precise style of info. These may be covert agents and spies. It involves agents and spies with official or non-official covers, to collect info within the within and outdoors of the country. In Asian country HUMINT resources is understood as Mukhbir, Jasoos and lots of different name per regions.

The tasks of a HUMINT collector:

  • collaborating in Intelligence operations
  • Analyzing of threats and reports.
  •  Interrogating HUMINT sources.
  • Exploiting material and documents.
  • Eliciting info from a particular supply.
  • Reviewing of on ground conditions.

The HUMINT supply, a part of either civilian or military personnel, is that the persons who provides info to there collector’s. This info may be initial or second-hand data and it’s ordinarily obtained through hearing or sight.


The process to seek out a HUMINT supply is divided into four totally different stages:

  • Spot – locate/select individuals on there section, talents, accessibility, and motives. Sources would possibly merely have access to a particular style of info.
  • Assess – establish the loopholes of the supply and confirm if he/she is authentic or not
  • Develop – manipulation these loopholes to convert the supply to accept as true with the collector’s rules.
  • Enlisting – the last stage that secures the cooperation and genuineness of the sources.

Why HUMINT matters? HUMINT plays a important role in intelligence gathering. Advancement within the field of science and technology shows a decrease in reliance on HUMINT and a gradual increase in reliance on intelligence gathering through TECHINT. The most advanced technologies cannot observe or generalize the innovative and easy ways adopted by faceless HUMINT outfits, WHO area unit driven a lot of by ideology and determination then technology to conduct a war. In gift generation the enemy is everyplace. Today’s insurgents area unit inclement, capable, and skill-full at weaving themselves into the nerves of their societies, creating themselves just about undetectable till they strike.

The focus on the role of HUMINT has inflated varied since they’re ready to penetrate mortal structures revealing long-run designing and vigilance. Combining a mix of the proper technology [IMINT, SIGINT, SIGINT (Commercial Intelligence), TECHINT, OSINT (Open supply Intelligence), etc. it’s attainable to acknowledge concerning 80-90 you look after info needed in intelligence operations. However, the balance, that is absolutely important and unbroken secure by nations, will basically be gathered through HUMINT efforts solely, particularly shapeless factors like perceptions, covert activities, plans, choices and, most significantly, intentions. the present intelligence structure is, so a niche between ever-increasing intelligence necessities and restricted intelligence gathering resources, particularly HUMINT.

CONCLUSION: HUMINT is associate fascinating field of human endeavor; it desires imagination, sensible logic, correct understanding, curiosity and persistence to discover the reality. The best technology and weapons couldn’t stop the worst terror attacks. That’s why each country intelligence desires HUMINT.

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