How an Army JAWAN sends Massage of his well being to his family during communication blackouts in J&K

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An army Jawan enters an ATM cabin in Khwaja Bagh area of Baramulla. He withdraws one hundred rupees ₹100 from the ATM and places the note neatly in his wallet. Next day, he returns and withdraws the same amount from the ATM.
This goes on for many more days.The guard at the ATM notices this, but refrains from asking the Jawan about the same, given the old and deep rooted fear of men in uniform.
He resists for days but on a day when there are only a few people around, he musters the courage to ask, for he doesn’t want to ask such a personal question to the army Jawan so as not to irk him. The ATM guard proceeds to ask: “Sahab,why do you withdraw only hundred rupees from the ATM? why do you trouble yourself on daily basis when you can withdraw a hefty amount that will last for weeks?”
The army Jawan rubs his forehead as he looks tired; tucks his trousers properly and before he makes his way out of the cabin, tells the guard who is waiting for the answer anxiously:

“The mobile number linked to my bank account is used by my wife at home. When I withdraw cash from the ATM, she gets the message on her mobile phone. This way, she comes to know that her husband is alive”.


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