Hero of 1962 and 1971 War,

AIR VICE MARSHAL CHANDAN SINGH, MVC, AVSM, VrC took on precarious flying missions in the face of heavy ground fire.

As a Squadron Leader in the 1962 War operations, this brave pilot carried out viral supply dropping sorties in the Chip-Chap area of Ladakh under ardous conditions even as his aircraft was hit 19 times by the enemy, for which he was awarded Vir Chakra. The MVC came later in 1971, when as the Officer commanding an IAF Station in Assam, he executed a complicated troop lifting operation in the Sylhet area, in which he personally carried out numerous helicopter sorties in the face of heavy ground fire.

On the night of Dec 7, 1971, he alone flew eight missions deep into enemy territory to guide and inspire his pilots. Later he undertook a further 18 missions in the same operation, always leading the landings at new places. On many occasions, his helicopter was hit by ground fire, but this did not deter him from further missions.

The success of this major airborne operation contributed significantly to the fall of Dacca and the capitulation of the Pakistan armed forces in Bangladesh.

In the pic: Newly commissioned Portrait of AVM Chandan Singh, who now is 93 years and lives in Jodhpur. VrC 1962 war and MVC in 1971. Made by NCE Nagraj of IAF.


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