facts about the Indian Navy


What are some amazing facts about the Indian Navy?

The Indian Naval Academy, located in the picturesque surroundingsof Ezhimala Kerala, is Asia’s largest naval academy where future officers of the Indian Navy are trained.

In the rigorous and punishing routine of the academy, the Cadets Mess is no less than an oasis within a desert for the 1,200 cadets,who visit this hallowed place thrice a day to recharge their batteries and morale.

Mess for a cadet means a lot more than just a place to have food. It is place from where he learns gentlemanly conduct, chivalrous behaviour, is tested for his proficiency in academy GK, and is the place from where he draws inspiration and pride from the legacy of the service, it’s heroes, their Courageous acts and selfless sacrifices as well as the recent laurels that the academy has achieved

At the centre of the Katari Cadets Mess, a table has been laid out for a solitary diner with complete crockery and cutlery. However, it is never ever occupied: The table is a place of honour, in remembrance of all those sailors we’ve lost.. At sea, in air and under the ocean.. Doing their Duty.. with HONOUR..


But while the nation has forgotten these men, their fellow soldiers haven’t. ‘The Table for One’ is a poignant reminder to the cadets that the brave men were carefree youngsters like them, who roamed the same halls and whose boisterous laughter would have resonated within the same walls.



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