Can Indian army go travelling out of India?

An active Indian Military (Army, Navy, Airforce, BSF or Para-military) personnel have more Restrictions as compared to any other countries, they can’t go out of the country just for vacation or for tourism alone or with their family, this is as per Military law.

As i was talking about restrictions, they also don’t allow to have Facebook profile or to post pictures of army exercises or share their experience about war games etc.

Travelling outside for specific purpose :

Indian Military personnel travels outside country a lot on many occasions.

It can be a joint Military exercise with some other country, or it can be training exercise or it can be due to sports. For this kind of travel, passport is not required and they are provided with special travel documents. Also when they are in other countries, they are not allowed to roam free, they are always been escorted with locals and go for specific purpose and with predefined timelines.

Army personnel can go outside the country but it can’t be at their whims. They have to get permission to do so. There could be restrictions on where they can go but those might be more for political reasons. We might not be getting along with some country or stuff like that. They can also travel outside in an official capacity as guests of another country or even as a part of UN peacekeeping forces ( no sightseeing on this trip though:P ).

As for social media profiles, they are allowed to have them as long as they abide by certain rules which are that they can’t mention that they are in the defense forces. They can’t have their ranks Along with the name. They can also not share any pictures that show them in uniform nor can the picture be of an official installation.

There are many government approved exercises which the Indian army undertakes with armies of other foreign countries. The Indian army conducts annual military exercises with the armies of the following countries very regular

  • USA
  • UK
  • China
  • Maldives
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Russia
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand

In addition to these there are many exercise which the Special Forces units of the Indian army undertake with the Special Forces units of other countries. These exercise sometime don’t get disclosed for security reason.

I am not sure if in a personal capacity a serving officer or a soldier is allowed by the Government of India to travel to a foreign country. As far as I know they are not allowed to.

If you are asking if an Indian army personnel can teavek to foreign country while in service then “yes” you have to take permission from your respective headquarters.


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