2nd Lt Khokhar hailed from Bathinda district in Punjab while Displaying valour and fighting spirit of a very high order, he was martyred on 12 Dec 1971 during the Indo-Pak war.

During Dec 1971, 2nd Lt Khokhar was admitted to a military hospital for an ailment and was not able to join his unit. He requested for immediate discharge from the hospital so that he could join his comrades on the battlefield. Finally, his request was agreed to and he joined his unit on 03 Dec 1971.

Khulna located in the south of Jessore was an important military cantonment of Pak army and was heavily defended. But the units under 9 Div including 7 Punjab fought valiantly and made quick progress during their advance towards Khulna. 2nd Lt Khokhar fought valiantly in various operations from 03 Dec onward when the war officially commenced. On 12 Dec 1971, 2nd Lt Khokhar was involved in another operation wherein his platoon was tasked to destroy two enemy bunkers across an open field.

2nd Lt Khokhar led from the front during the operation and directed his men to launch an attack on the well-entrenched enemy. He moved daringly along with his soldiers towards the given objective but the enemy position was very heavily defended. However, during the fierce exchange of fire 2nd, Lt Khokhar took an LMG burst on his chest and forehead and was severely injured. He later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred.


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